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The Application of Sodium Bisulfite

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Sodium Bisulfite can be prepared by bubbling sulphur dioxide in a solution of sodium carbonate. 38 percent of solution is produced by neutralizing sulphur dioxide gas with sodium hydroxide. Sodium Bisulphite in contact with chlorine bleach will release harmful fumes. Sodium Bisulfite is used in almost all commercial wines, to prevent oxidation and to preserve flavor. It is also used in the analysis of methylation status of cytosine in DNA. Sodium Bisulfite is primarily used for water treatment to remove excess chlorine in drinking water. It is used to bleach pulp in the pulp and paper industries. Established in 1954, Kaixiang Chemical Factory specializes in producing Sodium Bicarbonate, sodium metabisulphite. Manufacturing equipment of Sodium Bicarbonate ,sodium metabisulphite,caustic soda, caustic soda flakes, Sodium Thiosulphate, sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate ,Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium Sulfite has experienced four big reforms and manufacturing technique has experienced many technical innovations. Contact Us Kaixiang Chemical Co.,Ltd Tel: 0086-21-62758030 Cell: 0086-18912955101 P.C.:210000 E-mail: info@kxchemical.com Website: www.kxchemical.com
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