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An Simple Introduction to Solvent red 49

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Solvent dye is one of the dyes which soluble in organic solvents. In this type of dye structure with less or no hydrophilic groups. In order to increase the solubility in the solvent into long carbon chain alkyl groups in the dyes, the dye is electrically neutral. On the basis of disperse dye structure, the introduction of long carbon chain alkyl compounds, the disperse dye increase solubility in the solvent. Disperse dye doesn’t dissolve in water, and the solubility in the solvent increasesed after the introduction of long carbon chain alkyl compounds. It given a wider range of applications. The molecular fFormula of Solvent red 49 is C28H30N2O3. Solvent red 49 is used for dyeing of cotton, wool, paper, silk & jute, spirit inks & lacquers, soap colouration & distampers. TongShun Chemical Co, Ltd, set up in 2008, is a modern enterprise manufacturing solvent dyes, fluorescent pigments dyes and dyestuff intermediates. Currently, our products are exported to dozens of countries abroad. Our solvent dyes and pigments are widely used in plastic, fiber masterbatch, paint, printing ink, etc.; most of our products comply with relative EU legislation in regard to heavy metal and aromatic amine. T. Business pursues a Philosophy that we aims to the best and strives for the better every day. Quality and innovation are what we guarantee to achieve customers’satisfactions. Contact us TongShun Chemical Co.,Ltd Tel: 0086-25-52397805 Fax: 0086-25-68650010 P.C.: 211100 Email: info@solvent-dye.com Web: www.solvent-dye.com Twitter: solventdye01
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