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Talking about Sodium Metabisulfite Tech Grade

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Sodium metabisulfite is white or yellow crystalline powder or small crystals with a strong smell of SO2, and it contacts with strong acid easy to released SO2. We all know that Sodium Metabisulfite Tech Grade(Na2S2O5) is used in textile antichlor after being bleached and applied in dye printing mordant. Sodium Metabisulfite Tech Grade can reducing agent and sulfonating agent for chemical and medical use. It is also applied in bamboo, wood, paper fiber bleaching agent, non-ferrous metal ore dressing agent, waste water treating , rubber freezing agent. Yuanye Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954, as a professional manufacturer of sodium thiosulphate, sodium metabisulfite, sodium bisulphate, sodium sulfite, sodium bicarbonateand with years of exportation experience, we are fully knowledgeable of the product property and can handle the product delivery. In the same industries in China, it has lowest unit material consumption and highest product qualified rate. "Quality first, Credit good" is our consistent principle. And presently our products has been popular in the American, European and South east markets. Contact us: Yuanye Chemical Co., Ltd. Ad: Jiading District, Shanghai, China Tel: 00862552397806 Fax: 00862568650010 Web: www. yuanyechemical.com Email: info@yuanyechemical.com
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