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Usage of Potassium metavanadate

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Potassium metavanadate is the most common laboratory vanadate reagent, along with Ammonium metavanadate. But it is also accompanied by danger. Potassium metavanadate is a colorless to pale green colored crystalline solid that it may be toxic by ingestion if you contact will irritate skin, eyes and mucous membranes. It is used as raw material for catalysts, as well as raw material for agriculture and pigments. It is well-known that Potassium metavanadate is also used to make dyes, inks and laundry compounds. Benren Alloy Co.Ltd was founded in 1988. With years' development, it has become a newly high tech enterprise which involves in the production of Vanadium Pentoxide V2O5,Ammonium Dimolybdate,Molybdenum Bar,Tungsten Bar widely used in the field of steel, chemical, electronics, ceramics and so on. Armed with the latest production arts of ferrovanadium, Benren Alloy also obtain many breakthroughs in the creation of technology, the management of human resources and the development of technologists. Contatct Us: Benren Alloy Co.Ltd Tel: 0086 25 52397803 Fax: 0086 25 68650010 P.C.: 241100 Email: info@wuhu renben.com Web: www.wuhu renben.com
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