Talking about PVC Resin SG-3

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PVC is made of vinyl chloride by free radical polymerization and synthesis . It is widely used in industrial, construction, agriculture and daily life, packing, electric power, public utilities and other fields . PVC resin is a polar non-crystalline polymers with strong forces between the molecules. It is a hard, brittle materials and the impact strength is low. We all know that Polyvinyl Chloride SG-3 is widely used in production of pvc general soft and hard product,rigid pipes, PVC film,pvc coating products, pvc board etc. PVC vinyl resin suplier--Xingyi jia tai chemical co., LTD. The predecessor of the company is xinyi electrochemical factory, which was founded in 1970. And it latterly developed into the national large-scale chlor-alkali joint-stock enterprises. We are specializing in the production of PVC Resin SG-3, Formosa PVC, Vinyl Resin LC, Vinyl Resin LCM. At present, in order to adapt to the requirements of new products, new markets and new technology, the company becomes a professional manufacturer of PVC RESIN. Product varieties, quality and quantity are ahead of the same industry in China. XINGYI JIATAI CHEMICAL CO.LTD Tel: 0086-25-52397808 Fax: 0086-25-51192304 E-mail: info@pvccopolymer.com Web: http://www.pvccopolymer.com Ad: Tanggang Road, Xinyi Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province.
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Something about Ammonium Tungstate

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As we all known, Ammonium tungstate production by tungsten acid and ammonia. After Alkaline hydrolysis, the wolframite, and synthesis of tungsten acid calcium chloride calcium, calcium tungstate by acid hydrolysis, and then with ammonia, ammonium tungstate was prepared in the end. Ammonium Tungstate is mainly used in the manufacture of tungsten oxide blue tungsten oxide or tungsten metal powder. Metal tungsten powder downstream of tungsten material series products, such as tungsten bars, tungsten wire electric vacuum materials; Series of alloy, such as tungsten carbide, hard alloy, alloy blade, alloy bit, alloy molds, etc.; Others wear resistance, pressure resistance, high-temperature components of machinery and equipment. Bouling Chemical Co., Limited was established in 1988 and it is a national advanced and new technical enterprise. For years, it has developed into a new hightech enterprise. At present, there are the latest production arts of the ferrovanadium, and the creative technology, the management and technologists with rich experience Contact us Bouling Chemical Co., Limited Add: Tianchang City of Anhui Province, 86 Pearl Lake Road Cell:008615295759871 Fax:00862551192304 P.C.:241100 Email: info@chinavanadium.net Web: www.chinavanadium.net
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