Chemistry & Uses of Niobium Ingots

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It is sometimes known as Niobium has a very high melting point yet low density and is corrosion resistant. Niobium is has the largest magnetic penetration depth of any element, has superconductive properties, and a low capture cross section for thermal neutrons. Niobium Ingots have high melting point, excellent resistance to corrosion and good workability which is increasingly wide application. It is applied in process various niobium mill products which are widely applied for pharmacy, semiconductor, aviation and aerospace, nuclear, high temperature assemblies and other fields. Bouling Chemical Co., Limited was established in 1988 and it is a national advanced and new technical enterprise. For years, it has developed into a new hightech enterprise. At present, there are the latest production arts of the ferrovanadium, and the creative technology, the management and technologists with rich experience as well as a large number of customers with more than 20 or 30 years' experience and the new developed market. Contact us Bouling Chemical Co., Limited Add: Tianchang City of Anhui Province, 86 Pearl Lake Road Cell:008615295759871 Fax:00862551192304 P.C.:241100 Email: info@chinavanadium.net Web: www.chinavanadium.net
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Effects of Methylisothiazolinone

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It is reported that Methylisothiazolinone has the cytotoxicity and neurotoxicity. It is well-known that Methylisothiazolinone is widely used in industrial, household and personal cleaning products which prolonged exposure to hinder the growth of the birth of neurons in rats. University of Pittsburgh school of medicine, Elias Aizenman) in a telephone interview told us that "there are many instances of Methylisothiazolinone exposure in the workplace has confirmed, only be regarded as burns, dermatitis or allergic reaction". "I worry that working environment of pregnant women exposed to a sufficiently high concentration of Methylisothiazolinone, may have some impact on the developing embryo, just we don't know". Nanjing Jiancheng Chemical Industrial Co.Ltd founded in 1998, is one of the largest preservative manufacture in China. The Factory mainly produces all kinds of preservatives, which widely applied in cosmetics, medicine, and food industry. Our main products are Diazolidinyl urea, Imidazolidinyl urea, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Bronopol, Allantoin, Germall Plus, JMB, JMC, JMBP and so on. Our products are well exported to all over the world, such as North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Contact Us Add: LI Shui Economic and Technological Development Area, Nanjing, Jiangsu. Tel: 0086-025-52397808 Fax: 0086-025-51192304 Email: info@paraben-preservatives.com Web: www.paraben-preservatives.com
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