The Advantage of VAGH Resin

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Vinyl Resin VAGH can be dissolved in relatively strong solvent/diluent combinations, such as 50 percen ketone/50 percent aromatic hydrocarbon, to producer solutions of 20 percent solids. VAGH has excellent adhesion on PET, resin primer, paper, PVC, ABS, pre-treatment of PE and OPP. It often used with other film-forming material in order to improve the coating performance, and enhance paint adhesion, flexibility, tenacity, hardness and chemical resistance. The hydroxyl functional group permits crosslinking reactions for thermoset , obtaining excellent chemical and water resistance. YangGuang Resin Co.,Ltd. is one of the world's leading vinyl resin suppliers and producers and its chemicals.Whether you need what kind of vinyl resin, YangGuang Resin can fulfill your needs.Our major products include Vinyl Tile Resin,UMOH resin, UMCH resin, UM 55, UM 50 , vinyl resin CK. Our Products can well replace the Dow Reisn series products such as vagh resin, vmch resin, VYNS-3 resin with high performace and low price. Details about our vinyl resin and chemicals , you can go directly to the product you wish to explore. Contact Us: YangGuang Resin Co.,Ltd. Tel: 0086-25-52397808 Fax: 0086-25-68650010 E-mail: info@ygresin.com Web: http://www.ygresin.com
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