Something about Methanesulfonyl Chloride

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Methanesulfonyl chloride is the raw material for production of methane sulfonic acid. The preparation of Methanesulfonyl chloride is a kind of important intermediate of fine chemical products, it also can be can be used to react with amino and hydroxyl to introduction of methane sulfonyl. Methanesulfonyl Chloride is a precursor to many compounds because it is highly reactive. It is an electrophile, functioning as a source of the "CH3SO2+" group. It is well-known that Methanesulfonyl Chloride can be used as catalyst, chlorinating agent, firming agent, stabilizer or as an intermediate for dyes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. Nanjing Xiancheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd was founded on the basis of strong R&D ability and advanced production equipments.At present, Nanjing Xiancheng is a leading and professional manufacturer specializing in the production and development of thio chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, mainly produce dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl sulfate, methanesulfonic acid, methanesulfonyl chloride. Contatct us Nanjing Xiancheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd Tel: 0086-025-52397 Fax: 0086-025-68650010 E-mail: info@dimethyl-disulfide.net
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Something about UM50 Solution Vinyl Resin

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Resin is usually refers to the scope of heated after soften or melt, softened under the action of external force has a tendency to flow, when the temperature is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes can be a liquid organic polymer. UM50 Solution Vinyl Resin is a high molecular weight copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate which is supplied as a powder. It is provides adhesion to PVC substrates. It is well-known that UM50 solution vinyl resin provides a good balance of chemical resistance, solubility, film strength and thermo plasticity. It is ideal material in packing industry, which requires durable, odorless, and meeting Food Hygiene requirement. YangGuang Resin Co.,Ltd. is one of the world's leading vinyl resin suppliers and producers and its chemicals.Whether you need what kind of vinyl resin, YangGuang Resin can fulfill your needs.Our major products include Vinyl Tile Resin,UMOH resin, UMCH resin, UM 55, UM 50 , vinyl resin CK. Contact Us: YangGuang Resin Co.,Ltd. Tel: 0086-25-52397808 Fax: 0086-25-68650010 E-mail: info@ygresin.com Web: http://www.ygresin.com
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The Application of Ammonium Bicarbonate Food Grade

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It is well-known that Ammonium Bicarbonate Food Grade is employed together with sodium bicarbonate as a constituent of swelling agent for bread, biscuit and pancake. and also it is a raw material for foamed juice. Ammonium Bicarbonate Food Grade can be used as high-grade food fermentation agent. And it Share with baking soda can be used as bread, biscuit, battercake etc leavening agent . it is used in rinsing in boiling water for green vegetables and bamboo shoot and in medicine and reagents. XingZhen Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Wenshui county, Shanxi province. Founded in 1998, XingZhen is private stock enterprise, with independent legal entity which specializes in sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate,Potassium Carbonate. We were approved as "AA+ Credit Company" by Shanxi branch of ICBC in 2003. We ranked No. 16 of top100 private enterprise of Shanxi province in 2004. In 2005, we were approved as "trusted company" by Shanxi industrial and commercial bureau, and assessed and approved as one of "top100 private enterprises of Shanxi province" by Shanxi industrial and commercial bureau and Shanxi private enterprise association. Contact Us: XingZhen Chemical Co., Ltd. Add: West of Nanguancun, Wenshui Zip code : 032100 Tel : 00862552397803 Fax : 00862568650010 Email: info@ZhenxingChemical.net Website: www.ZhenxingChemical.net
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The Application of Sodium Propyl Paraben

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Sodium Propyl Paraben(C10H11NaO3) is a water-soluble antiseptics, it mainly features as a safe, high efficiency, broad-spectrum antibiotic which is widely used in many ways. It is well-known that Sodium Propyl Paraben can be applied in Pharmacy industry, Food industry, textile industry, as well as antiseptics in cosmetics, feedstuffs, daily-chemicals. For example, Sodium Propyl Paraben is applied in food and pharmaceutical and textile industry for its antiseptic property. And it is also can be used in other industries such as cosmetics, feed and so on. Nanjing Jiancheng Chemical Industrial Co.Ltd founded in 1998, is one of the largest preservative manufacture in China. The Factory mainly produces all kinds of preservatives, which widely applied in cosmetics, medicine, and food industry. Our main products are Diazolidinyl urea, Imidazolidinyl urea, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Bronopol, Allantoin, Germall Plus, JMB, JMC, JMBP and so on. Our products are well exported to all over the world, such as North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Contact Us Add: LI Shui Economic and Technological Development Area, Nanjing, Jiangsu. Tel: 0086-025-52397808 Fax: 0086-025-51192304 Email: info@paraben-preservatives.com Web: www.paraben-preservatives.com
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Introduction to Solvent red 33

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Solvent red 33(C24H18N4Na2O7S2) is yellowish red which is used as colorant for Plastic, Polymer, Fiber, Rubber. Solubility in an organic solvent is a characteristic physical property of a solvent dye. Some of these typical solvents are alcohols, ethers, ketones, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, fats, waxes and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It canbeappliedinwax,oil, lubricant, Fuel, Gasoline, Candle, Paint, Shoe, polish,Smoke,PrintingInk,Pen ink ,Detergent,Fertilizer and Adhesive. Solvent red 33 is also used to color lubricants in the automotive and industrial cutting industries. TongShun Chemical Co, Ltd, set up in 2008, is a modern enterprise manufacturing solvent dyes, fluorescent pigments dyes and dyestuff intermediates. Currently, our products are exported to dozens of countries abroad. Our solvent dyes and pigments are widely used in plastic, fiber masterbatch, paint, printing ink, etc.; most of our products comply with relative EU legislation in regard to heavy metal and aromatic amine. Quality and innovation are what we guarantee to achieve customers’satisfactions. Contact us TongShun Chemical Co.,Ltd Tel: 0086 25 52397805 Fax: 0086 25 68650010 P.C.: 211100 Email: info@solvent dye.com Web: www.solvent dye.com Twitter: solventdye01
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Differences in ADM,AHM

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Ammonium Dimolybdate(ADM) is soluble in water and alkali(es). it is suitable for producing pure molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum powder, molybdenum bars, molybdenum filament and molybdenum originals. Ammonium Dimolybdate(ADM) also widely used in hydrotreating catalyst, desulfurization catalyst for oil refinement and in fertilizer catalyst etc. Ammonium Heptamolybdate(AHM) also known as Ammonium Paramolybdate and has high water-solubility, it is widely used in petrochemical catalysts, especially acrylonitrile catalyst. It is well-known that Ammonium Heptamolybdate(AHM) also used for agriculture and metal molybdenum production. Bouling Chemical Co., Limited was established in 1988 and it is a national advanced and new technical enterprise. For years, it has developed into a new hightech enterprise. At present, there are the latest production arts of the ferrovanadium, and the creative technology, the management and technologists with rich experience as well as a large number of customers with more than 20 or 30 years' experience and the new developed market. Contact us Bouling Chemical Co., Limited Add: Tianchang City of Anhui Province, 86 Pearl Lake Road Cell:008615295759871 Fax:00862551192304 P.C.:241100 Email: info@chinavanadium.net Web: www.chinavanadium.net
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